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Care instructions

Moses baskets and changing baskets

Structure: knitted part – t-shirt yarn (100% cotton); plywood bottom; rocking stand – ash tree; mattress – cotton filled with coconut filler.

Hand cleaning only. Use baby detergents, if necessary. Apply and remove detergent with a wet sponge locally. Do not rinse. Do not use abrasive cleaners. Avoid direct water exposure.

Sizing details

Sizing details are specified in each product description.
Please, note that 100% cotton t-shirt yarn, which is used for our products, is a natural material which solidity and elasticity may vary depending on the color and the batch. Therefore the dimensions of a product may differ from the size indicated in its description. This is also caused by the fact that all products are handmade and it is difficult to provide perfect accuracy. The average size deviation is 2 cm upward or downward.

Manufacturing times

We offer made-to-order products. Each item will be hand-made especially for you in the desired color and design.

The average manufacturing times are as follows:

  • Moses basket – 7 to 10 days
  • Moses basket and stand – 10 to 14 days
  • Changing basket – 5 to 7 days
  • Rocking stand – 7 to 14 days
  • Decor and accessories – 5 to 10 days

We always try to make and ship all orders ASAP. Some of the popular colors and designs are in stock.

However, to avoid the late arrival of the order, please, consult us before placing an order if you want to place an order and have less than 6 weeks before the due date!

Packaging and shipping

Anzyhome cares about the packaging of your basket set to ensure international delivery in good condition.
Allow us 4-6 weeks to manufacture and deliver your custom basket to you.
The exact delivery term depends on the destination country.

Please, consult us before placing an order if you plan to order and have less than 6 weeks before the due date!

Custom and personalized orders

We are in love with custom orders, please fill in the Custom Order form to enquire about customization of product size, color, decoration, and pattern.
Please, note, that the customized orders will take longer to manufacture, and the price will be calculated separately for each specific custom order.

Color difference

Please, note that the color shade may differ from the one you see on your screen.
Also, slight differences in color can appear between the items ordered in different periods of time due to the yarn batch change. If you have already purchased some of our products and would like to order another one after a while, please contact us to clarify whether the yarn batch is the same.

Color chart

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